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Corruption Behind The Badge is the book law enforcement doesn't want you to read!

Author Johnny Powers finished his very controversial manuscript titled, Corruption Behind The Badge, in the summer of 2018. After a careful review and edit by Ms. Bridget Wood, it was submitted to publishers in both the U.S.A. and the UK. Due to its highly controversial content, the final publisher approval proved to be difficult. It wasn’t until Rebel Publications stepped in, as the co-publisher, that the final version of the book was finally approved for publication.

  • Rebel Publications is proud to introduce to all readers worldwide Johnny Powers’ latest non-fiction book, Corruption Behind The Badge. Here’s a brief overview in the author’s own words of what you’ll discover in the book.

    I knew when I wrote this book, it would be viewed as controversial. I also knew those within the law enforcement community would not be happy with the facts and evidence disclosed in this book proving various levels of police corruption. And I expected those that want to keep these facts secret, may attempt to discredit the evidence contained throughout this book.

    But the topics discussed are just too important to every American citizen to ignore. And the truth, the whole truth, which has all too often been deliberately buried, hidden, or distorted by those involved in these various police activates, must be revealed. To be honest, were it not for the blatant lack of factual information provided to the public by officials and the news media during the last ten years, this book never would have been written.

    That being said, it is important you do not jump to the conclusion this book is anti-police or anti-government. It isn’t. If a label of anti something needs to be attached, in all fairness it should be anti-corruption and/or anti-double standard law enforcement practices. In other words, the focus here is on the failure of equal treatment under the law for all American citizens, and this includes all members of the law enforcement community.

    What wasn’t anticipated prior to the completion of this book was the very frustrating and in some instances, unscrupulous tactics which would be used to block our efforts to provide you, the reader, with the historical facts and the updated details encompassing various levels of police corruption.

    There are undoubtedly certain people who do not want you to know these facts. They have worked for years to hide, distort, twist, or bury this evidence. If you choose not to read this book, you will be doing exactly what these officials, and those who support them want you to do. You will help them keep their illegal activities a secret.

    If you choose to spend your hard earned money to purchase this non-fiction book, which we obviously hope you do, you will discover four very serious levels of corrupt behavior within many of this nation’s police departments.

    You’ll first learn the whole truth about unarmed American citizens being gunned down in the streets by police across the nation. There is much more to this issue than the current media’s racial spin of white cops killing unarmed black men. Equally important, you will also discover through historical fact, exactly how and why those officers that kill unarmed men and women today, are not jailed or prosecuted based on current law. And I assure you, it’s not for the reasons you have been previously lead to believe.

    But that’s not all! You will also be provided with the facts, statistics, and proof of male uniformed police officers who have violated women and girls sexually, including rape, and in many, many cases, walked away from their atrocious crimes completely unscathed. Some estimate, these known sexual assaults against female suspects by cops have occurred in over 90% of the police departments across the country! Which means, based on the evidence, police sexual assault on female victims has probably occurred right in your own community!

    The third area we delve into is to divulge evidence of armed, trained, badge carrying cops who blatantly and deliberately kill innocent dogs. Although in almost every instance the police officials claim the death is justified to insure the safety of the officer, we will provide you with a huge amount of evidence proving that line of rhetoric is nothing more than distorted twisted lies.

    And last, we disclose a deep level of police corruption which is thriving in the U.S.A. today, which all other civilized nations of the world banned decades ago! Yes it’s true, you will learn about our fellow citizens which are jailed each and every day for committing no real crime, and are only arrested by armed police and incarcerated in our local jails because they owe a debt. Worse yet, there are some departments which dedicate up to 85% of their resources just to revenue collection. And as a result, up to 25% of jail capacity is being utilized to hold these non-criminals. And in some jurisdictions, police are even ignoring other crimes, in favor of their more lucrative money grabbing efforts.

    You’ll read about it all in Corruption Behind the Badge. You’ll find both the paperback and E-Book versions at most online retail book sales outlets worldwide.
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