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Rebel Publications publishes its first non-fiction book

In 2015 Rebel Publications published its first non-fiction book.The print version of Outlaw For Life, Secrets of the Notorious Waterloo Outlaws MC by author Johnny Powers was first introduced and released for sale on Amazon. It soon was listed and sold on nearly all other retail book sales outlets online. The E-Book version followed about a month later, and at first, only appeared on Amazon. However, the real story is not so much that the book was finally published. Far more interesting is the journey from the author's memories to the printed page.

It all began during a short trip into Missouri to buy a special birthday gift, which wasn’t available at any of the local stores near his home. During the trip, his youngest son Timothy began asking questions about his past life with the Outlaws motorcycle club. After answering all of the boy’s questions, and sharing a few short stories, his stepson made a very unexpected comment. “You should write a book about all of this…I’d read it!”

Now at the time, the boy’s comment wasn’t really of interest to the soon to become a non-fiction book author. But as the weeks passed he discovered he couldn’t get those words, which he viewed as a dare, out of his head. So just to pacify his son, and to bring him up to date with what his two older brothers already knew about their father, he sat down and wrote a few stories for his youngest son.

Ten pages soon turned into one-hundred pages. And before he realized it, he had over three hundred pages of memories he’d written about his outlaw biker days. However he still wasn’t convinced any of it was worthy of publication, and he certainly didn’t believe this type of material would be marketable. No, he would just pass it on to his youngest son and forget about it.

But without realizing it at the time, his wife had been reading his manuscript over his shoulder as he wrote. At her urging, he decided to do a rewrite to smooth out the rough edges and develop a manuscript for a publisher’s review.

Finding and satisfying a publisher proved to be a nightmare. However after a botched first temporary release, and final new rewrite, an acceptable non-fiction manuscript was finally produced. Rebel Publications published the unabridged version (only in print) of Outlaw For Life in 2015. Since then, copies of the book have been sold in several countries around the world, by such online retail outlets as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You’ll also find it on the shelves of several great book stores throughout the world. To date, it is still Rebel Publications’ number one selling paperback book in both the U.S.A. and the UK.

By early 2016, the manuscript Outlaw For Life had been successfully reformatted and released in digital E-Book format through such outlets as Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, and Smash-Words, just to name a few. That year E-Book sales surpassed print book sales three to one. Today, the E-Book version remains very popular and is also sold worldwide.

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