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  • Outlaw for Life!
    In the aftermath of the biker gunfight in Waco Texas in May 2015, which claimed 9 lives, 18 injuries and resulted in 192 arrests, resulting in 170 capital murder charges, curiosity about Biker Clubs has increased to new heights around the world. Although the two oldest and most powerful clubs, the Outlaws MC established in 1936 and the Hells Angels established in 1948, were not involved in the Waco battle, their historical influence is prevalent in many of today’s outlaw biker clubs.
    The new just released UNABRIDGED Edition of Outlaw For Life – Secrets of the Notorious Waterloo Outlaws MC, published by Rebel Publications, includes hundreds of real life facts, secrets and stories which is a must read for everyone interested in the outlaw biker lifestyle. Whether you’re biker or just interested in the outlaw biker lifestyle, you’ll want to own a copy of this book.

    332 page paperback Unabridged Edition On Sale Now!

    The book contains the real life story of the notorious Waterloo Outlaws MC! Described by law enforcement and newspapers as a “ruthless motorcycle gang”. The club captured, held and firmly controlled their territory as an unsanctioned branch of the one-percenter Outlaws Motorcycle Club for 20 years!

    Outlaw for Life, is a peek into the lives of members. Loaded with riveting club exploits never divulged before! Written in great detail by a high ranking officer who rode with the club for 15 years!

    “The Waterloo Outlaws MC were outcasts of society who lived a life of wild parties, hardcore motorcycle runs, uninhibited sex, and absolute domination over their territory!”

    Discover the secrets of the most notorious motorcycle club in the history of the state! Relive the life and times of the Waterloo Outlaws MC! Over 500 members strong from 1966 to 1986!

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    Discover All The Outlaws Secrets!
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